Experience 5 Water Adventures in Dubai

Experience 5 Water Adventures in Dubai

Dubai has turned into a well-known location for water sports because of its delightful shoreline, quiet waters in the Middle Eastern Ocean, and magnificent oceanside offices. Dubai has an assortment of water sports that are reasonable for tenderfoots and specialists.

These can either be the highlight of your trip or you can enjoy a day out in the water along with other popular things to do in Dubai.

Celebrated for its very good quality shopping roads, an awe-inspiring nightlife scene, a ceaseless rundown of eateries/bars/bistros, and stunning vacation destinations (like the Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands, Dubai Marina, and Dubai Rivulet), Dubai is, beyond a doubt, one of the top urban communities to visit throughout the entire year.

And while the city has other popular attractions with its glittering glass buildings, vast expanse of beautiful brown desert and rich cultural heritage sites, it is hard to comprehend that the place is popular for water sports.

And now it can make you wonder: Is a trip to Dubai complete without visiting the delightful seashores and checking out the water sports? All while remembering that Dubai’s sea shores are probably one of the most scenic ones that you will find.

Dubai’s seashores are ideally suited for Water Sports like stream skiing, fly-loading up, kayaking, kneeboarding, parasailing, and in any event, parasailing. Dubai offers many Water Sports choices. We’ve gathered a rundown of the top Water Sports in Dubai.

Jet Ski Dubai

Jet Skii Dubai

Jet skiing is an undeniably exhilarating way for you to feel the adrenaline while in Dubai. As you float over the middle eastern waters, you will feel the adrenaline rush. No one but watercraft can take show you such views. From the water, you can see Dubai’s well-known horizon but from a completely different side.

Here are a few things you ought to consider prior to making your Jet Ski Dubai booking

1. To avail of these services, you need to show your UAE visa or local ID proof.
2. Make sure your hotel is accessible and has transport facilities to the beach.
3. The activity is available only for people over 18 years old.
4. Bring your towel and clothes for a change
5. You should be capable of swimming and staying afloat.
6. You don’t really need a prior experience or any knowledge of this sport beforehand

Scuba Diving Dubai

Scuba Diving Dubai

Dubai is a fantastic place if you are a first-time scuba diver. Not just the terrain is fantastic, but you can choose from a large number of schools and instructors that specialises in Scuba Diving in Dubai.

Not only there are great shores and diving spots in the open sea in the calm waters of the Persian Gulf, you can also get a taste of the uniqueness of diving underwater in artificial environments like large aquariums. Apart from these, there are also a few wreckage sites in the area if you are more experienced in diving and looking for something challenging.

You can take a plunge in these crystal-clear turquoise waters will be a rewarding experience. The temperature in the city often ranges between 25° C and 40° C which makes it a great place for water sports. The months between December and March are especially great for this.

Speed Boating

Speed Boat Dubai

Speedboats are a fantastic way for anyone to experience water sports for the first time in Dubai. A speedboat ride will take you along Dubai’s seashores and give you a spectacular way of Dubai’s shoreline from a completely different view.

Dubai Jumeirah Oceanside is home to various water sports. You can take a speedboat excursion to Palm Jumeriah and Palm Lagoon which promises to give you a spectacular view of the famous Atlantis, the Palm hotel from the sea.

You can, of course, enjoy the view of Burj Al Arab and Dubai’s skyline from a distance along with a live commentary on Dubai’s history in the background.

Water Skiing

Water Ski Dubai

Waterskiing is way more exciting than speedboating and even jet skiing for that matter. You can experience the thrill of the ocean and the coolness of the water as you get dragged along by a tow rope on the shores of Dubai. All you need to do is to stay upright as you are pulled ahead at a high velocity behind a speedboat. It does need some skill though.

Not to forget, you get to catch some lovely views of the city’s skyline as you are zooming around in the ocean. The activity itself lasts between 15-30 minutes. You can best enjoy it during the cool hours in the morning or in the evening. You do not need any skill other than swimming and be comfortable with water for this. Instructors are always around to help.


Wakeboarding Dubai

Wakeboarding is another exciting watersport to experience in Dubai. Practically, it resembles the sport of snowboarding but here you are being towed by a motorboat. You can touch the speed of up to 30km/hour, feel the adrenaline in your body and cool water on your face.

You do not need any prior training or experience in wakeboarding. Anyone ranging from a beginner to an experienced individual can enjoy this water sport and even try out performing some tricks if you are comfortable enough.

The activity ranges from 15-30 minutes and you can also ride a speed boat before and after. Life jackets are included. Experienced instructors will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

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