About Me

The Stupid Bear

Hey there, I am Snigdha Jaiswal. I started The Stupid Bear as a platform to share experiences and travel information. I travel on a budget and mostly on long weekends. With my experience, I may be able to help you out with a few tips on penny-pinching on the go. However, I am looking to share with people about sustainable travel and experience responsibly.


I am from India. I come from Lucknow but lived in Bangalore for 10 years. So I call both places my home. I have studied design and worked with a few brands in retail before I started working as a UI/UX and a Product Designer. Currently, I live in Bangkok and looking to experience Thailand as much as I can.


I write all articles myself and I try to share as much value as possible. I love to travel and there is a lot that we can collectively do from it. Travel has the power to expand the boundaries of human values, compassion, put food on the table for a lot of families and increase awareness. It can empower not just for the traveller but the hosts as well


I would love to know more about you. If you have time, write to me and we can discuss more food, books or maybe paper towels. Or let me know if I can cover any information on any specific topic.


Write to me at hello@thestupidbear.com