Laos eVisa Process for Indian Tourists

Laos eVisa Process for Indian Tourists

You will need a visa if you are an Indian travelling to Laos as a tourist. Laos does not offer visas on Arrival for Indians as of now. Nor are Indians exempted from getting one, except those with diplomatic passports. However, you can opt for an eVisa online which is very convenient.

When to get an eVisa for Laos

You can look to obtain an eVisa if the following points are valid for you and your travel:

1. Your passport type is ordinary

2. You will be starting your travelling within 60 days of visa approval

3. Your stay in Laos is under 30 days

4. You only wish to enter the country once during this time

5. You are entering via their approved ports of entry (select during the eVisa process)

It takes around 3 working days to get your eVisa over your email unless there are no public holidays in Laos. In which case, this can be extended. Make sure you have enough time before your travel for the application process.

What do you need to apply for an eVisa for Laos

The best thing about obtaining an eVisa for Laos (in 2022) is that you do not need a return flight ticket (like most visa processes). Nor will you need to book your accommodation in advance. You can do both of these after you get your eVisa.

Here is what you will need:

1. Digital copy of your Passport

2. Photograph size 4x6cm on a clear white background

3. Additional documents as per requirement (like Vaccination certificate etc.)

How much does eVisa for Laos Cost

The cost of eVisa for Laos for Indian citizens is USD 50 per person. On top of that, a nominal bank charge will be added to this during the time of processing.

Make sure that international transactions are enabled with your bank account. You can use a credit/debit card for this.

You can check the updated cost of the eVisa on their website.

How to apply for Laos eVisa Online

You can apply for Laos eVisa directly on their official website. Their eVisa process is seamlessly integrated with their immigration process once you arrive. So this works great.

You will find many other links online as well that may or may not claim as official. But they are third-party agents. And while you can still opt to obtain your visa with them, you can easily do this yourself as well.

Here is what you do.

Step 1: Head to Official Website

Go to their official website:

Click on the ‘Apply now’ button that will direct you into the eVisa application process

Laos eVisa_Page 1

Step 2: Verify via OTP

Validate your account using their OTP verification process that will send you the OTP to your email address.

Step 3: Select Visa type

Select your type of Visa. Unless you have any special type of visa for official purposes, your visa should be ordinary.

Laos eVisa_Page 2

Step 4: Enter Details

Enter all the details of the application form. You need to upload two docs – 

1. Your photograph (4x6cm dimension) on a white background. Make sure you are not wearing spectacles or have covered your face with anything to avoid rejection possibilities. 

2. A digital copy of your passport.

You can upload both of them in jpg, jpeg and png format. However, the size of your file must not exceed 2MB.

All other information is personal or related to your travel. A bit of planning will help.

Laos eVisa_Page 3

Step 5: Review Application

Review your details. You cannot edit your details after you have submitted your application. You will lose your payment amount as well. Therefore, check twice before submitting.

Laos eVisa_Page 4

Step 6: Add travelers

Add the same information about your fellow traveller (if any)

Step 7: Finish Payment

Complete your payment. Apart from the visa charges, the website charges some nominal amount for the bank processing per person. This will add to the total amount that you need to pay online.

And that’s all. Once you are done, you will receive an email confirmation of your application on your registered email. You can use the application ID to track your application status on the same website on the homepage.

Laos eVisa_Page 5

Getting your Laos eVisa

You can get your Laos eVisa in the next 3 working days over your email. Although I got mine the next day itself. You do not need to do anything else from here in terms of documentation.

However, you will need to take a printout of your eVisa at the time of boarding. All tourists need to present a hard copy of the eVisa at the time of immigration. You can choose to take a black and white print as well but make sure the QR code is clearly visible.

Once you are at your designated immigration point in Laos, you may find a separate queue for eVisa holders. You can spot it by finding the same logo you see on your eVisa website. All you need there is your eVisa, passport and flight ticket unless any additional mandatory documentation is required (like a vaccination certificate).

If you are planning your trip to Laos, check out our travel itinerary for Laos in many ways.

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